YouTube Ear Wax Removal Video

Ear wax removal gone in 60 seconds

Biggest lump of ear wax ever removed on video – Metro

MetroBiggest lump of ear wax ever removed on videoMetroBut we can't help but feel satisfaction for this guy who gets a HUGE piece of ear wax removed. The stomach-churning footage shows a woman attempting to pull out the plug of wax and failing. Then, on the fourth try, she yanks it free and gasps at its size.Watch lump of EARWAX the size of a small candle being pulled out of a man's pulls huge lump of earwax from man's ear in horrendous videoDaily MailThis Footage Of Ear Wax Being Removed Is The Epitome Of Gross (Video)Elite Daily (blog)Huffington Post UK -Closerall 11 news articles »

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