Candling Ear Wax

Performing Ear Candle Treatment at Home

Ear candling is a popular type of therapy offered at many high-end spas. It involves removing wax and other debris from your ear canal using a special ear candle. A single ear candling session may cost you a lot of money, but you may get the same ear wax removal treatment at half the cost if you and a friend do it at home. If you want to give candling a try, just remember the instructions in this article.

Choose the Right Ear Candle.

Make sure to buy your candles from reputable suppliers. Candles should be made of natural beeswax and cotton, and should not contain artificial ingredients. Unnatural ingredients may cause irritation or an allergic reaction. If you don't know where to get quality candles, you can ask your favorite spa if they can recommend a good brand.

Find a Partner.

During an candling session, you'll be lying down on your side with one end of the candle in your ear. You won't see the candle from this position, so you can't practice ear wax removal with candles by yourself.

Follow the Procedure.

The first step in the actual ear candling process is to lie on your side, with one ear exposed. Make sure your ear is as levelled as possible so the candle can stay upright. Have your partner cover your hair, neck, and shoulder with a piece of cloth or cardboard to protect it from the dripping wax, leaving only your ear exposed.

Once you're in a comfortable position, let your partner measure the size of your ear canal, and trim the candle's tip accordingly. Remember, it should fit snugly in your ear without touching your eardrum. Your partner should then reshape the tip into a cone and re-open it using a toothpick.

After trimming the candle, your partner should light the candle, making sure to cover the tip with a finger for ten to fifteen seconds. If the smoke doesn't come out of the candle upon release, instruct your partner to adjust the tip's hole. When the smoke starts coming out steadily, it's ready for insertion.

Have your partner carefully insert the candle tip into your ear, and hold the candle at an angle so the wax drips down the sides of the candle instead of straight down into your ear canal. Remind your partner to trim the burnt part of the candle halfway between the flame and the unburnt section. This lets the candle burn longer.

Allow the candle to burn until the flame is around three to four inches away from the protective covering. Your partner should gently remove the candle and cover with both hands, and dip candle's burning tip into a bowl of water to put the fire out.

As the candle burns during the ear wax removal, you will hear soft crackling noises and feel no pain. If you feel uncomfortable at any point during the procedure, tell your partner to remove the candle immediately.

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