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It's one of those dirty little secrets: everyone has ear wax. Some people are blessed with ears that manufacture just the right amount of wax f, while others have enough extra wax to start a candle making company. One of the most entertaining ways to remove it is the use of ear wax candles. Although there are many ways to remove excessive ear wax, ear candling has thrived as an alternative medicine approach because it is usually offered as part of a holistic healing paradigm, one which western medicine has largely ignored.

So should you use a candle for removing earwax yourself? The process of candling itself is pretty simple. The patient lies down, either on their side or on their back, depending on which style of candling is to be done, and the smaller end of the candle is inserted into the ear. The other end of the candle is lit and allowed to burn within four to six inches of the patient before being extinguished. One or two candles may be used depending on the amount of blockage inside the canal.

But the decision of whether or not to use this home remedy method depends on far more than simply understanding what's involved. Critics of the procedure charge that it can be harmful, even dangerous, while wildly enthusiastic testimonials claim it has healed everything from swimmer's ear to muddled thinking. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, but as with any medical procedure there are inherent risks which you should be aware of before you begin.

Many ear wax candle manufacturers claim that the heat from the candle creates a vacuum which then "sucks" the wax out. However, numerous studies have concluded that the wax deposit at the center of ear wax candles is in fact wax from the candles themselves, not wax drawn out of the inner ear. One of the larger manufacturers of beeswax candles says as much on their website, explaining that the candles do not draw out earwax so much as loosen by the release of warm smoke and air which then allows the earwax to fall out on its own.

A final note: please only use ear candling as an ear wax removal home remedy for wax buildup. Things like ear infections must be seen and treated by a professional doctor.

Julie-Ann Amos is a professional writer. She regularly writes on the topic of ENT (ear, nose, and throat) health, and on topics like the best ear wax candles [http://removingearwax.net/ear-wax-candles]. She recommends ear candling as an ear wax removal [http://removingearwax.net/ear-wax-removal-home-remedy] home remedy and a relaxing way to be holistically healthy.

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