How to Unclog Ears

Ear Candles for Healthy Hearing

Do you have blocked ears? Have you found no relief from usual treatments? Ear candling is an alternative method in treating ear related problems. It is a non-invasive form of complementary therapy giving you a sense of overall well-being.

Candle makers use linen wound into a cone shape, and infused with essential oils and coated with beeswax. During treatment, burn one end of the candle and insert the other end inside the ear. This creates a vacuum drawing out excess earwax. Practitioners of this alternative method believe the openings of the head connect, making benefits go beyond the ear.

This treatment did not just come out of nowhere. It has been around since 2500 BC when found ancient Egyptian scrolls contained a primitive procedure for ear candling. From early on, beeswax has been a key ingredient to make hollow cylinders for the candle. Many believed this therapy came from the Hopi tribe but recent findings debunked the notion. Other civilisations showing use of candles for ear treatment include Siberia, Tibet, and Greece.

Benefits of Ear Candling.

The vacuum created by the candle eases problems such as swimmer's ear and plugged ears. Ear candles clear canals from excessive wax build-up and clogged up water. It can also relieve pain from ear infections and tinnitus or ringing of the ears. Another helpful effect of this treatment is relief from severe ear itch.

As a holistic treatment, candling also claims benefits beyond ear problems. It can relieve sinus pain and pressure, and help with certain kinds of headaches. It may also improve lymphatic fluid flow through the body and purify the blood. Unblocked ears may also lead to less snoring. Other claims include an improved sense of taste as well as colour perception.

Ear candle therapy itself is a relaxing process. Soothing both mind and body, this kind of treatment may help balance your emotional state. All these stress-busting benefits will result to clearer thinking and a more energized state of being. Some candles infused with essential oils have their own benefits depending on the herb used.

Precautions of Ear Candling.

There are, however, precautions in using ear candles. As the procedure deals with fire and hot wax, there is a possibility for minor burns. You also run the risk of having candle wax deposited into your ear. The effectiveness of this treatment depends on the practitioner. If the healer is inexperienced, the procedure might not have an effect at all, leaving you with the same ear problems.

Some self-administered candling might even cause ear canal blockage or ear drum puncture. Ear candles are not medical cures but with an experienced therapist, candling can be an alternative holistic treatment to your ear problems.

Ear candling can be a pleasant, therapeutic alternate to going to the doctor. It can have holistic effects not found with regular medical treatment. Just like most alternative medicine, there might be negative effects to this procedure. For serious cases, it is still important to consult a specialist. If you have decided to try this, it will not hurt to educate yourself. Weigh the pros and cons. A candle in the ear might not be for everybody but it could be for you.

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