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Top 5 Signs Of An Ear Wax Buildup

Hello everyone! For this article, I am going to talk about ear wax buildup, specifically, the top 5 symptoms of a wax buildup. Ear wax is fairly common and it is something we all deal with from time to time. For the last few years, I have frequently had to deal with this annoyance. It has led to me learning a lot about it and how to treat it, prevent it, etc. Before you figure out if you need to treat it though, you first need to figure out if you do have a lot of ear wax or not! So with that, here are my top 5 signs of a wax buildup. Hopefully this will answer your question of if you have one or not!

1. Hard Of Hearing?

Are you having a hard time hearing? When this happens, people often jump to conclusions and believe they may have a serious hearing problem. However, this can often be caused by a simple buildup of wax. If you are having a hard time hearing (especially in one ear), then this is a sure sign of a buildup.

2. Plugged Ears?

Do your ears feel plugged? Does it feel like something is in them? This of course can be wax and is a fairly common symptom of buildup.

3. Earaches.

Are you having earaches? Although this can indicate something serious, it can also indicate a simple wax buildup. If the pain is severe though, it may be something else.

4. Ear Noise.

Are you having any type of noise in your ear? A ringing noise for instance can be a sure sign of a wax buildup.

5. Seeing Ear Wax.

Are you seeing any wax come out of your ear? This is the most obvious sign of a wax buildup, but if you are seeing wax come out of your ear, it can be a sign that there is a lot more inside your ear. If the wax is draining out of your ear, this is also a good sign that the wax is draining.

Hopefully this article has answered your question of if you have an ear wax buildup or not. I should note though, it is always best to see a doctor and have your doctor look into your ears. If you do have an ear wax buildup, then your best bet is to talk to your doctor about having it removed. It's a fairly easy process that many doctors are able to do. With that, good luck!

Sandra has had a history of dealing with ear wax problems. Throughout the years though, Sandra has learned a lot about ear wax and chose to create a blog that is titled Ear Wax Removal Home Remedy. Sandra hopes you check her blog out for more tips.

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