Which Glands Produce Ear Wax

Watch lump of EARWAX the size of a small candle being …

Researchers unlock the secrets of earwax. Yes, earwax – ConsumerAffairs

Researchers unlock the secrets of earwax. Yes, earwaxConsumerAffairsPreti's interest in earwax was piqued by the finding that a small change in a gene known as ABCC11 is related both to underarm odor production and also to whether a person has wet or dry earwax. It turns out that individuals of East Asian (e.g …Earwax: A new frontier of human odor informationEurekAlert (press release)all 4 news articles »

Image from page 232 of "The evolution of man: a popular exposition of the principal points of human ontogeny and phylogeny. From the German of Ernst Haeckel" (1897)
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