How to Clear Ear Wax Blockage

Sinus Tinnitus – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

What is Sinus Tinnitus?

Sinus tinnitus is a condition where the patient experiences a constant ringing in the ear. The ringing in the ear can be of different types like hissing, roaring and whistling. Based on the severity of the condition, the ringing volume varies from person to person. This ear condition is very common among a large number of American populations. Six percent of population suffers with severe tinnitus while almost fifteen percent of population suffers from some level of this condition. Tinnitus either can be a continuous problem or can come in irregular occurrences. There are several Tinnitus Treatment methods, which can help a person get rid of the problem permanently.


Tinnitus or the constant ringing in the ear is caused by infection and subsequent blockage of the sinus. There is a tube in the ear canal called Eustachian tube, which is a channel for sound. When sinus is blocked, this canal is blocked as well since there is a connection between the two. As a result, movement of sound waves disrupts and results in constant ringing. Tinnitus Treatment, therefore, involves decongestion of the nasal passage and sinus to clear the Eustachian tube and stop the ringing. Other factors that cause this condition are ear infections, problems in the head and neck, earwax blockage and even hypertension. Reaction to medication can also cause sinus tinnitus.


The major symptom of the onset of this condition is a mild ringing in the ear, which gradually increases in severity. The ringing noise in the ear can cause many other problems like sleep deprivation, lack of concentration and constant distraction. Another major symptom of the disease is nervousness. Anxiety and constant fatigue that most of the people experience are due to lack of sleep. In severe cases, sinus tinnitus can lead to severe depression and disturbance in professional and personal life. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor and take Tinnitus Treatment at the earliest.


Sinus tinnitus is a curable condition. Since the cause of sinus tinnitus is congestion of the nasal passage, clearing it will cause the ringing to stop in most of the cases. Decongestion sprays can help if the problem is caused due to sinus. If the problem is due to ear infections, then administering a few drops of hydrogen peroxide can help solve the problem. It is recommended that a doctor be consulted as soon as you begin to feel the ringing in your ear. In severe cases, surgery can cure the problem.

Precautionary measures.

Healthy and hygienic lifestyle with consumption of vitamin C and whole grains rich diet can prevent occurrence of the disease up to a great extent. Ears should be cleaned to remove wax. Exercising everyday helps flush toxins out of the body, keeps the body clean and improves immunity in the body. A strong immune system is a shield against all kinds of bacterial and virus attacks and saves the body from problems like sinus tinnitus.

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