Cleaning Out Ear Wax

Get Rid of Ear Wax Once and For All

 You probably use q-tips to clean out your ears.   There are some people who opt to try ear candles in an attempt to clean out their ears and improve total body health. They believe that these candles made from cloth dipped in wax are able to bring a more through clean to their ears. Although some people believe that the use of such candles is able to create a vacuum capable of sucking out ear wax, no science has been able to prove this. It is possible that the heat from the process does help to bring some excess wax to the surface.

If you are using ear candles or attending a candling treatment, a plate or pie type dish might be placed on the candle and against your ear. This dish is to be able to prevent hot wax from entering your ear. The plate often has a lot of wax on it at the end of the candling session. Those who believe in the power of candling, think that most of the wax is from the ear rather than from the candle. 

Removing excess wax, debris and fluids can help with some ear problems. You might find that you are able to hear better if the candle has truly helped to remove some wax or other particles. It is possible for you to notice less pain or discomfort in your ear if an ear candle is able to remove a buildup of debris in your ear. 

Please note that most medical doctors do not recommend their use. There can be risks associated with using a candle in your ear even though they are designed specifically for that use. If you do decide to have an ear candling treatment, never use any other than those that are designed as ear candles.

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