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Blocked Ears – Good Things Come in Pairs, But Not Tinnitus and Ear Wax!

Good hygiene brings good things to people who are capable of maintaining it. Showering daily makes people less susceptible to disease. Brushing twice or thrice daily keeps people away from tooth cavities and other oral diseases. Cutting the fingernails keeps us away from infectious diseases like hepatitis. Cleaning blocked ears by getting rid of excessive ear wax will prevent tinnitus or from hearing persistent ringing or buzzing sounds, which could be very annoying and disturbing in time.

Tinnitus is commonly caused by ears blocked by wax. While we all know that ear wax prevents foreign objects such as insects and all other small objects to be introduced through the ear canal, which may be potentially fatal especially if it starts to impair our hearing and if it predisposes us to brain infections such as inflammation of the meninges, excessive ear wax could impair hearing just the same. Not only does the excessive wax decreases the intensity and quality of sound impulses that we hear, blocked ears due to excessive wax also cause the brain to somewhat re-adjust, thereby causing the pulsating buzzes or ringing sensations that we hear when we suffer from tinnitus.

While its nature is very much common and can be a result of neglectfulness in maintaining proper body hygiene, the consequences of a long-standing untreated tinnitus can be very serious. Modalities for treating tinnitus, once it occurs, are actually quite simple. If left unattended or untreated, ear tinnitus can further lead to jaw dysfunction where the treatment could get a lot more complicated.

Start by cleaning your ears with a clean ear bud to lessen the excessive build-up of wax. Remember that we only need to lessen the build-up of ear wax and not totally eradicate it because for one, that is not quite possible and two, a bit of ear wax is healthy. We just need to get our blocked ears unblocked by wax. Some studies advise a once a week cleaning while some would suggest once in every two weeks. Most people would clean their ears at this frequency, though.

If your work or job requires you to be exposed to noise at high levels, the best way to deal with it without resigning or changing career paths is by minimizing your length of exposure to these noises. Take a break once in a while for five to ten minutes to refresh your senses, particularly your sense of hearing.

If you have recently gone through an accident which severely damaged your head, particularly if the damage closely approximated your ears, you should suspect for tinnitus for any ringing or buzzing noises that you persistently hear and you should immediately consult a physician as this may be a sign of a more serious medical problem.

Consulting a specialist, particularly an otolaryngologist or an ENT doctor at the onset of tinnitus is probably the surest way to remedy the situation, but of course, this goes without saying that you have to clean your ears often to keep them from being blocked with excessive ear wax.

The remedies to blocked ears or even to tinnitus are very simple. Prevention is better than an ounce of cure, so prevent more complicated hearing problems by primarily, maintaining good body hygiene. Keep it from being blocked with ear wax and prevent the occurrence of tinnitus.

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