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Nasal Flushing For Health and Relief

For those who have nasal problems and allergies, life can be a living hell. It is well known that allergies can be triggered by allergen particles that irritate the nasal membranes when they are breathed in. Also, germs and viruses can find their way up there and cause sinus infections, mucous, and clogging. What you need to clean out your sinuses is a nasal flush kit. You can get these at your local pharmacy, and they are an over the counter item. The most popular one is NeilMed brand. NeilMed makes one with a squeeze bottle and they have an elaborate one using a kettle like device called a "Neti Pot". The large pharmacy chains sometimes carry their own imitation brand saline refill packets, and they have also worked well for me. You also need to pick up distilled water. You need to use distilled water to create the solution. Another tip is to warm the water. Do not use a microwave as it can heat the water too hot. Simply close the bathroom sink stopper and fill the sink partially with hot water and stand the saline squeeze bottle or Neti Pot in it for a bit until the contents are warm enough to use. A warm solution works better.

The Neti Pot works by putting the pouring spout of the pot into one nostril and tilting the pot and you head so that the liquid pours into one nostril, goes up your sinuses, and out the other nostril into the sink, thus flushing the sinuses with the saline solution. I prefer the squeeze bottle, which uses squeeze pressure to shoot the solution into the sinuses with some pressure and strength, thus blasting past any small obstructions and really cleaning the sinus cavity well.

You have to use the salt solution which comes with the kit. If you use plain water you will burn your sinuses and be in extreme pain. I tried it once, and I can tell you that you want to learn from my mistake and not do this. Some people have posted online a way to make your own solution using salt and baking soda, but I think that for the minimal cost of the kit and refills that it is worth it to go with the tested solution packets. They are fail-safe and tested, and they work well.

I do not use the flush all of the time. I save it for when I am sick or suffering from nasal allergies. I find that when I clean my irritated or infected sinuses with the saline rinse, that it kills viruses and bacteria, or flushes out irritants, and provides me not only with relief but facilitates quicker healing and recovery.

For those of you who are made uncomfortable by having liquid pumped into your sinuses, just work through it. After a few times you get the hang of it and it becomes second nature. Just do not breathe through your nose when doing this and there is no risk of inhaling water. You won't be sorry if you start using this and will wonder why you didn't use it sooner, or lament that you didn't know about it until now.

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