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Cure For Sinus Infection – Prescription and Home Methods

Sinus congestion or infection is a very common health condition. There are people experiencing chronic infection due to allergic reaction or inherited malformations. However acute sinusitis can be treated by simple home cure for sinus infection like for example inhalation. Normal symptoms of this disease are nose congestion, ear fullness, tiredness, and headache, heaviness in head, fever and heaviness of face.

Sinuses actually look a lot like a formation of balloon in human head. The nose can get congested with dander, mucus or other foreign substance. Blowing your nose softly and regularly and washing hands can prevent you from getting a serious infection. Nose irrigation is another popular method and is carried out with saline.

If you suffer from allergies take prescribed antihistamines or nasal spray. These should help clear your nose, however over the counter treatments must not be taken for over 3 days. Visit your doctor for a proper check up and take the medications that he/she prescribes. Hot compress can also be used to relieve the sinus infection as well as headaches. Hot water bath, inhalation of steam and warm face packs also release the mucus membrane, however make sure not to use too warm water.

Drinking lots of liquid, tea and water, will hydrate your body and help clear the congestion. Avoid milk and milk products as they can aggravate the condition. Your doctor can prescribe antibiotic treatment as cure for sinus infection, make sure to take full course of these medications or the treatment will not work and bacteria will get immune to the medicine.

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