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Defensive Lines: Drum Liners

Materials that are made and used in industrial plants tend to pose a serious threat to the health of people and the safety of the environment. Sustaining the proper level of safety and security in the workplace would require following high standards of regulations and practices. The possibility of serious accidents occurring should be taken seriously. A large container may fall over; or else someone may slip, and the substances which he has been carrying could spill all over the work area. And since these chemicals, oils, fuels and other materials can all contribute to pollution, extra precaution is needed to minimize the harm these would cause. The disposal of these substances would necessitate extra precaution. Using drum liners is a step that would afford additional security against leaks and spills.

Some of the most common of these substances are petroleum and gasoline. All forms of petroleum pose traffic hazards if they spill on the road, making the surface slippery. Petroleum is made up of toxic chemicals that, if not adequately contained, can cause serious health threats if they get into the ground water, or the water supply of a particular community. Petroleum can adversely affect aquatic life if it gets into surface water via a storm sewer. Gasoline, on the other hand, has properties that pose severe fire hazards, especially in areas near buildings, or in sewers. If gasoline gets into a sanitary sewer, it can present explosion threats and seriously hamper the treatment plant's capability to treat sewage.

An assessment of workplace hazard is necessary to gauge the potential risks that employees run. As such, employers should exhaust all possible means of engineering and work practice controls that may help reduce hazards.

The pursuit of maintaining safety, productivity and cleanliness in the workplace should remain a top priority for establishments. In this regard, DAWG has endeavored to provide products and services over the course of more than twenty years. From its beginnings as a small spill control company, DAWG has become a large multi-brand supplier of products which are specially made for industrial safety, personal protection and building maintenance. DAWG offers a variety of drum liners that provide security and protection specific to a particular establishment.

DAWGInc Is a Supplier of Industrial Oil Absorbents, Mats, Spill Kits, drum liners, Storage And Management Of Liquids With Safety Cabinets, And Personal Safety Products And Supplies.

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