Treatment for Ear Blockage

An Introduction to Otoscopy and the External Ear Treatment

Vibrating eardrums and itching in ears surely calls for an ear examination. The human ear has three divisions namely, the inner ear, the middle ear and the outer ear. The setup of the organs in the ear is that the interior part has the external pinna connected to the eardrum by the auditory canal. Listening and body-balance mechanisms are located in this region.

Otoscopy examines when a patient experiences giddiness, discomfort or ear pain for unknown reasons. Otoscopy test is performed when there are cases of blockage due to ear-wax, infection, tympanic membrane rupture, or initial redness or swelling or any other form of temporary or permanent hearing problem.

The otoscopy procedure includes the examination of the external ear with the help of an aurioscope, also known as otoscope. This instrument helps detect the reasons for the pain or discomfort faced by the patient. An instrument called the speculum is attached to the front part of the aurioscope and it is inserted into the ear canal to visualize the affected area better. The otoscope instrument also consists of a small air vent which helps the doctor in checking the balance and the pressure by blowing air into the channel. Both the ears are checked in the similar fashion.

With the advent of technology, the otoscopy procedures and instruments like otoscopes are being developed to make the procedure as smooth as possible. Medical products like Welch Allyn otoscope is a video otoscope which is a kind of small endoscope attached to a video camera unit, used to examine the ear canal, outer ear and tympanic membrane. Video otoscopy helps to watch a live image from the ear on a TV monitor, computer/laptop or a portable capture monitor through a USB capture box. Basically, video otoscopes are optical devices transferring live image through an internal CCD video camera chip. Talking about other techniques, Pneumatic otoscopy is the procedure which checks the mobility of the tympanic membrane by observing its response to pressure.

Otoscopy examination is rarely painful and takes only a few minutes to perform. The surgeon performing the procedure should take care that the instrument is pushed slowly so that it does not disrupt the inner lining of the auditory canal. One has to be more careful if the ear canal is infected, to avoid further pain and damage. Though most wounds are curable, forcing the device inside the ear can cause tearing of the tympanum.

Though otoscopy is mainly a diagnostic test, it is also used for primary treatments like clearance of ear wax or applying medication. Advanced technology has simplified diagnosis and treatment for patients and this certainly proves to be a medical boon.

Pneumatic otoscope is the standard tool used in diagnosing otitis media. In addition to the pneumatic (diagnostic) head, a surgical head also is useful. Find out about Otoscopy and other Medical products [] from our website.

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