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How To Stop Your Snoring Naturally

A thousand and one marriages and relationships are broken simply because of snoring. Many newly wedded couples get into their spouses bed to realize this and yes, it bugs. While some snoring noises are bearable, some are completely scary. I remembered I once was juggled out of my sleep because a friend was snoring badly besides me. That doesn't mean I do not snore too; I do. However, I have learnt the ways to stop snoring naturally which has helped me over the years. The truth is, you will not have to give your partner another restless night because you snore because you are going to learn how to stop your snoring naturally in the next few lines.

Although all ages snore, it is more pronounced among adults. It is caused by different things. Overweight men and women tend to snore more because of the thickened tissue around the neck which cause the muscles in the tongue and throat to over-relax; causing a subsequent pressure of the tissues in this area to press against each other, preventing the free passage of air. As air moves through the throat, it tends to vibrate the muscles because of thinned airspace. It is this vibration that gives the terrible snoring sound. This is mostly referred to as sleep apnea. People who are with this condition will usually wake up several times in the night to gasp for breath because the airway is constricted. Some other people snore because their noses are stuffed up because of catarrh or some other cold allergy.

Apart from the fact that a snorer will put people around him or her into trouble by denying them quality sleep and sometimes giving them nightmares, there is the tendency that the snorer too will lack quality rest. This will lead to the feeling of tiredness early in the morning when everyone should be feeling refreshed and ready for another day's job. If you are tired of snoring, then read on to learn how to stop your snoring naturally.

You probably are aware that there are some medical remedies to stop snoring but most of these are ineffective. I once learnt of some ear tabs that can be worn when going to sleep. This electronic gadget will give a tingling ultrasonic sound whenever you snore, causing you to wake up and adjust. This is meant to help but it mostly does more harm because the snorer may have to wake up severally before morning, leading to serious tiredness in the morning. A natural approach is therefore more advisable than all these medical methods.

If you are overweight, you can prevent your snoring naturally by sleeping with your face down while keeping in mind that you will have to lose weight. This will prevent the muscles of your throat and tongue to relax on each other, giving more airspace for breathing. If you have cold allergies leading to stuffy nose, you can boil hot water, put some mentholated rub in it. Cover your head while putting your face over the bowl of mentholated rub and hot water. The steam coming out of this bowl is mentholated; it will help clear your airways for more proper breathing. Do this before going to sleep and your snoring will be reduced or removed completely.

A saline spray can also be sprayed on the nose. It can help to remove or unclog the irritated sinuses of allergens and germs which are gathered in your airways. Avoid dairy foods before bed too, then tend to cause additional mucus build up in the nose and throat area. Stare clear of alcohol and sleep aids which cause a relaxation of the tongue and throat muscles. You can also sleep on your side when possible but it is better to sleep face down at times for comfort.

Keep your consciousness whenever you want to sleep. You will sometimes realize you are snoring. Whenever you do, wake up and adjust your sleeping position. Over time, you will build this consciousness which will help stop your snoring naturally.

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